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The Helicoflex® seal represents the leading edge in seal technology for high performance sealing applications. Today’s extreme sealing requirements have rendered traditional seals & gaskets obsolete. If you can’t afford the lost time associated with leaks, put your trust in the leader: Helicoflex®.

Sealing Concept

Helico Flex Metal Seal

The sealing principle of the Helicoflex® family of seals is based upon the plastic deformation of a jacket of greater ductility than the flange materials. This occurs between the sealing face of a flange and an elastic core composed of a close-wound helical spring.
The spring is selected to have a specific compression resistance. During compression, the resulting specific pressure forces the jacket to yield and fill the flange imperfections while ensuring positive contact with the flange sealing faces.
Each coil of the helical spring acts independently and allows the seal to conform to surface irregularities on the flange surface. This combination of elasticity and plasticity makes the Helicoflex seal the best overall performing seal in the industry.

Specifications and Advantages